Monday, January 17, 2011

Two Allegan county Resources added

The Illustrated Atlas of Allegan County, Michigan,1895 and A Twentieth Century History of Allegan County, Michigan. 1907.  The Illustrated Atlas by Kace Pub Co was indexed by Marlynn F. Starring in 1984.  This resource contains 8,616 citations.

A Twentieth Century History of Allegan County, Michigan was indexed by Ruth Marian Monteith in 1948 and contains 13,537 citations.

With these two sources, I began including persons with no first name once again (Mr. Hyde, Dr. Jekyll, Sgt. York).  I omitted these occurrences for about the last six months, and may revisit those sources with missing first names in the future.  The reality is that when researchers search for a particular surname, most people don't page back to view persons with no given name, but I decided to include them once again because often, these are the most well-known and influential people in town, that is, EVERYONE knows Mrs. Robinson.  In fact, they are so well-known, many people are unaware of their first name.

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